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Prime Cigar & Whiskey Bar
Miami, Florida


We at Casa De Montecristo by Prime Cigar & Whiskey Bar above all else provide a sanctuary, to create memorable experiences. An elegant domain, where the noble pastime of smoking a cigar and sipping on whiskey creates a lifetime bonds among friends.

Our founders, Jason Reznik and Ryan Leeds, created the first Prime Cigar in Boca Raton for those looking to slow down a little, and enjoy the things we take for granted. With the public embracing their concept, they were an instant success. Subsequently, they decided to bring their brand of “Sophisticated Relaxation” to Brickell-Miami. Our upscale bar and lounge, features a walk-in humidor, full-bar stocked with exclusive and hard to find whiskeys, member’s lounge, and private board room. Custom furniture and design elements (which exude simple elegance) will please the cigar aficionados, or those looking for a unique experience, a rare whiskey, craft cocktails, or nightcap. Our establishment also features a “vintage collector’s room,” which houses unique and vintage cigars.

One important feature that sets Prime Cigar apart is the state-of-the-art air control system. This innovative system provides 80 tons of A/C, and replaces 100 percent of the air constantly.

Prime Cigar was born out of close bond between father and son. The passing of Ryan Leads’ father led him to ponder the meaning of life, with friend and business partner, Jason Reznik. Ryan retired from his career in banking which spanned two decades, and put his efforts into creating Prime Cigar in Boca. Inspired by the lessons and experiences of his father, Ryan along with Jason created a space which celebrates their love of cigars, good whiskey, luxury comforts, and relationships.

Ryan Leeds says “Our goal with Prime Cigar, was to create an atmosphere where patrons could slow down. We wanted an environment where friends and colleagues could spend quality time. We wanted a place where fathers and sons can create the same type of experiences that my father and I shared.”



We invite you to Casa De Montecristo by Prime Cigar & Whiskey, where “Sophisticated Relaxation” reigns supreme.

Don’t get fancy on our account — here, first class meets laid back. Fine wines, whiskeys and cognacs are as familiar as the friends you share them with. Everyone here may know your name… but they won’t ask you for a thing. So just settle in, sit back and enjoy the draw. Whether you are looking for a quiet respite on a weekday afternoon or an evening of live music on a Saturday night, Prime Cigar & Whiskey Bar never disappoints.




We believe that enjoying a premium cocktail or a fine cigar is best experienced in our clean-air environment. Therefore, we custom engineered an air quality system with your comfort in mind.

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“Eating and sleeping are the only activities that should be allowed to interrupt a man’s enjoyment of his cigar.”

Mark Twain

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